Saint Josephs Boys Home

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Mount Magdala was sold to The Nazareth House order of nuns and Mount Magdala St. Joseph Girls Orphanage, was to become an orphanage for boys. These nuns were looking after the boys at Maryland and the Saint John of God Brothers were to take over Maryland, for, as they said, the slow boys. No One every fore seen, what was about to happen to all of these young boys, they were not slow or backward, the boys were like you and me, Oh but Yes, I was dumb as well, as the nuns kept on telling me. A simpleton, I was told I was, a child who should be grateful for them,  for taking me in, yes, a living hell on earth

The boys were abused and sexual abused by the Saint John of God Brothers and the catholic church brothers destroyed the lives of many boys, some committed suicide, not knowing that they were not to blame, for the dirty deeds these brothers and nuns did to them, as little children in their so called care.

Ok, I will come back now to were I was before. The Nazareth House nuns, then call our girls orphanage St Josephs Boys Home. this happened in 1952, I went there to work in 1960 and stayed there until March 1966, when I was 6 months with my first baby a son. My Robbie.

I had phoned the nuns up, because I had tried to kill myself, I was working for a family of 8 children, from 18 years to one being born while I was there. I worked every day, oh god, just the same as Nazareth House, work until you drop. Timaru already had bad memories for me, I was sexual abused at the age of 15 years by a priest,  I was sent down to Timaru for a week and it was like heaven, I would go down to the Sandshell , right on Timaru beach and listen to Elvis Singing, as it was the first time I had heard his voice and I was one of his biggest fan, from that week on.

So after I came out of the hospital, i phoned up the nuns, I told them that I was coming up to stay, 2 weeks with them, I told no one what I had done, I had lied about it, and kept quite, no one was going to know my secret, I told my Lawyer about it, in 2003 and also about how I had, also tried to commit suicide, when I was 12 years old. The shame, pain and turmoil, I was going through, I just could not handle any more. Well when I was in the 2nd week at Nazareth House I told them I was coming back to stay. I had no where to go, I did not know any one outside the orphanage, I could not face the other girls. I went back to Timaru, to tell them I was leaving in 2 weeks, and that was how I got the job, at St. Josephs Boys Home.

Woe Betide Any Child - If You Ever Tell -  About What Happened -  Behind These Red Brick Walls.

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