Nazareth House Girls Orphanage

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 We were never told about leaving Mount Madgala Girls Orphanage, until the day the cars pulled up outside the front door. We were very excited because we all thought that we were going on a picnic, but then the bags we had made the weeks before came out with our personally belongings, some we had never seen, before that day and my cowboy doll, was in the bag as well. I could not figure it out, it was not Christmas time, far from it, you see the nuns would give me the cowboy doll, each Christmas and then take it off me, on my Birthday, March 31.  I did so love the doll, it was made of felt with legs that came out, on the outside with felt tassels down the outside of them, just like the cowboys wore, but my doll's tassels, were sown into the legs.

Who did give me the doll? Was it from my mother?

I always thought that she gave it to me. Something told me, that it was from her, because she use to came and see me, but she was not allowed to tell me who she was.

Oh my god, if only I had known all those years ago, that she was my mother, I would of given her the biggest hug and kiss. I was to find out in 2002 that she was one of the ladies, who came to see me, the other one, was her sister Shirley Ann, whom I am named after, but the nuns used that name in such a cruel way, that I was to hate hearing it, I told them to call me Ann, My name is Ann.

I would rather hear my number 61, than to be called Stubborn Shirley and a simpleton all the time.  I was not mad, I was just like the other girls, the only difference was, that I was born, with the sins of my mother on my Soul and I was the devil's child. A child who was never to know love, only hate from the nuns, who showed every one, outside the red brick walls, how good and pure they were. No one would dream, or think about these good pious nuns, of abusing and sexual abusing the girls in their care, even when I use to run to the police station, they took no notice of me, well they did not believe me, they just gave me a hot cocoa and some biscuits, then the police, took me right back to Nazareth House.

The day we arrived at Nazareth House was the last time I was to see my bag, every thing was taken from me, even my doll, I was 10 years old and Christmas that year, I was given my doll and Sister Blandina pulled the doll from my arms, and thew it on the floor, she stood on the doll's face, smashing it and then picking it up, she started to tear it apart, right there in front of me. I was told, to pick the doll up and put the doll into the big rubbish tins, I picked it up and hugged it, taking it away with me to the steeps, where I sat and cried for days, she had taken the doll, the only thing I had loved and shown any feelings for. I went more into myself from that day, I would not talk to any one, so frightened was I, that I would wet my bloomers, when ever I heard, or saw a nun, or older girl coming towards me.

We were all taken up stairs and given a bath in jeyes fluids a very strong disinfectant, which stang us so bad and broke our skin. Our long hair was then cut off, I loved my long wavy hair, it was the only part of me which remained me, that I was a little girl. My hair was cut off above my ears and around the back to the end of the hair line. it was the last time I was to have long hair, until years later at 20years old, when I came back and worked at St, Josephs Boys Home
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