Mount Magdala and Nazareth Old Girls

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I left Christchurch in October 1966, I was not to go down there again until 25years later to a reunion for Nazareth House. I was told that they were having these reunions every 5years and the only ones that were invited, were the men and women who kept in with the nuns, priest and the catholic church.

I could not even go inside a catholic church, I did try, but the memories just flooded back and I would kneel down and cry, it was just far too much for me.
Another thing was, that I could not talk to any one, I did not want to see or talk to any one from Christchurch, I was too shameful for what had happened to me, I blamed myself all of my life, thinking it was me that had to be punish to get the devil out of my soul.
Mount Madgala old Girls at the first reunion we had ever had in 1997. over 30years after I left Christchurch in October 1966 and though the many years.
Nazareth House Old Girls Reunion  and through the years up to it.
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