Abuse is Power

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Abuse is Power.

No I have not read this book or any book about abuse within the Catholic Church yet until after I write by own book about what happened to me and how it affected me then and now. People have no idea, how over all these years just how bad the affect takes hold of your life.

The Canon Law, Rev. Fr. Thomas Doyle has only told the truth and he followed it through with the men he helped over in USA. I am sure if there were more priest through out the world told the truth like Rev. Fr. Thomas Doyle, he would still by carrying out his priest duties.

The Bishops can not sack every priest or nun who know of the truth and who are not frightened to tell what did happened to us. What gets me is that I was told at the mediation that a nun had told about the abuse she did to me and also what she saw the other nuns did to me.

The Rev. Mother told me that she would put in writing that the abuse to me was acknowledge to me and what I saw was not a thing about the acknowledgment to the abuse and also when they put it in the papers and on TV they say that there was no wrong doing by that order of nuns.

Why can not these Nazareth House nuns/priest tell the truth in Public?

Why must we still suffer because of their lies?

Rev. Fr. Doyle, Thank you for helping these men, I am do believe that they will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for them and to hear a priest tell the truth and get pushed out of the priesthood is so wrong because all he did was to tell the truth and in the eyes of the Catholic Church the truth hurts and they live by their lies which they have told from year dot and they have got away with it.

Well not any more, because WE the abused unwanted children are the martyrs of today and We will keep telling the truth and with most of us, We will take the truth to our graves.

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