Nothing Done About Nuns

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Nothing Done About Nuns

Nothing at all is done about nuns, who sexual abused children, in their care, in the catholic church orphanages, world wide. It is good the boys/men, are being seen to, about the sexual abuse, which happened to them as children, in the orphanages, which the brothers, priest and monks did to them.

But when it comes to the sexual abuse to the men, from the nuns, it is pushed aside and not seen to, it is pushed under the table, so no one knows, what is going on about it.

Now when it comes to us girls/women, we have no way, of getting any acknowledgment, for the sexual abuse, which was done to us, by the nuns. The nuns will not even, admit to the abuse, they did to us children, in the catholic church orphanages worldwide. The sexual abuse the nuns did, to the boys and girls, the nuns close ranks, and they keep a tight lip.

So what is the differences from boys/men and girls/women?

Is it because men are more respected?

Don't us women shout out as loud as the men do?

Or is it because The Pope has not mentioned about the nuns who sexual abused us children in the orphanages?

The nuns can not hide from God and they need to come forward to tell of the sexual abuse they did to us.

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