Ann Cancer

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In 1989 after bleeding for over a year and just having a week clear I had a hysterectomy because they found that I
had cancer of the womb after the operation, I went once a week to the specialize because he was not satisfied because he told me that he could feel something so he then sent me up for a x-ray which they found that I had cancer of my right kidney and that it had to be removed right away. 


When my Dr. told me about this, it was not long after I had the first cancer operation I was beside by myself, so I walked home crying my eyes out, I had no one with me to talk to about it. Why I had no one with me was because I did not know what the Dr. was about to tell me and I did not think to phone my husband, to pick me up.


The next week I was sent down to Auckland to have a cat-scan, my son Robbie took me down there and what had us laughing so much that day was that we were caught in this big round about. We were on the inside lane of the round about and Robbie could not get out of it, we must have gone around about seven times before Robbie saw a space and out he came, you should have heard us scream for joy.


When ever we go to Auckland now I can see me son Robbie and the round about is a piece of cake for us. As I hate being late for any appointment, we had two hours to spear, so we took our time to get to the Auckland Hospital and after the Cat-scan we had a good morning tea.


They told me that the cancer had grown another two centimeters and within the next two week which was March 19th 1990 they took the right kidney out. I was told that it was on the outside of the kidney so I should be free of cancer from then on and I was so pleased to hear that good news. I would go for blood test every three moths for the first year and then six months for the next two years and then each year up to five years and things were looking good as I was given the all clear and life was looking cheery for me from then on.


  My husband was with me all the way through these years and as each year went by for us we looked forward to a cancer free life together, but then my husband Brian was to go through many a cancer operation on his face, hands and body.

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