My Friend Jeannie From Cathnews

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5 of 5 Stars!Customer review on 18/08/2009

Ann's story is a great example of "Hope Over Experience." Like Brian Coyne, I, too, first met Ann on the Cathnews Discussion Board toward the beginning of the Priest/Pedophilia Crisis in 2002, where several, but not all, of the members of the Cathnews Discussion Board tried to intimidate her into silence, because they were so embarrassed over theunspeakable stories of molestation, rape and sodomy in their Church. Her friends were few, but the few that she had stuck by her and encouraged her to get out her story.

Ann made a pledge at that time that she would "Never go away!", no matter how mean-spirited some of the members of the Discussion Board were. She had a frightening story to tell, which was packed with the embarrassing revelations that took place in Catholic Orphanages and the Magdalene Laundries all over the world. For Ann to have gotten her story out, against all odds and educational handicaps, is a testament to her courage and fortitude. Fr. Tom Doyle has been an authority and an astute observer of the Priest Pedophilia Crisis for decades before it exploded into a world-wide crisis. For Fr. Tom to have endorsed Ann's book, only leads to the legitimacy of her story, and his endorsement should finally silence Ann's critics.

Like tens of thousands of others around the world, Ann has experienced decades of heart-ache and frustration by not being heard or believed by the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Will the Church ever say, "Sorry!" I rather doubt it! But will her story be heard? I believe that it will not only be shouted from the rooftops but bounced from communication satellites in outer-space! This book is but a start!

Thanks Ann for putting your story in print!


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I was so over joyed when I saw my friend Jeannie's review in with Brian's, I do so miss her on the discussion boards. She was such an inspiration and I use to look for her post as well as MargoFL's, Where are you my friend MargoFL? I have great news for you. They would stand by me no matter what the odds were against me, and yet they stood their ground, for they knew the Truth would one day set us Free.

Thank you, to all of the men and women, who supported me and many other survivors of abuse and sexual abuse in the catholic church orphanages around the world, who came to cathnews, to tell their stories of the childhood abuse.

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