Acknowledgment and Justice

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Acknowledgment and Justice

Now I can tell the truth about this and why I posted it as being written by my husband Brian.

I had posted on the news sites under my name and I also called myself Mark after a while they treated Mark just as they treated me so I  thought of  Brian and that I would post as though the words were coming out of his mouth. 
There is one thing I have notice over these 12years now and that is, the respect they have for the men, who talk about sexual abuse which was done to them  as children, but when I ever spoke about it or any other women came on the discussion sites, they were put them down so much, that after a day of it, they never came back. So a Man I had to become, just to get some one to talk to me  nicely and sure enough that is what happened to this post from Brian. -me-
I wrote this on the catholic news board because no one would listen to me and  believe me, so I used my husband’s name and you would not believe the difference it made for me for a little while and then it went back to what is was before to me and I bravely went back to my own name

I knew that if I left the site that they would think that I was lying so I could not leave even though I wanted to, because, I so wanted the truth out there and to be told.
Now I am treated with respect after all of these years and I am believed. So my hard work over these 12years of re=abuse, I feel was worth it  and I feel so much better in what I have achieved and that they, have at long last absorb,  accepted and recognized that it is the truth and that it is adequate and valid.

Acknowledgment & Justice

I do not know where to start here but if I must I will help Ann with her quest to seek acknowledgment and justice from the Nazareth House nuns and priest for the abuse which they did to her and the other women and men world wide. We can not see their pain as these children were never allowed to show any feelings what so ever and they had no one to care for them. You have to put yourself in their shoes and think if you too would have survived the abuse as these innocent children did.

There should be a world wide investigation into the Nazareth House orphanages abuse as I met more women in 1997 whom I have never met before telling the same stories like my wife and it should start here within the catholic church. Over these years I have only heard about the boys/men who were sexual abuse by priest, so it is about time something is done for these boys/men and girls/women who were sexual abuse by the nuns and priest as well as the awful abuse which they went though.

The Nazareth house orphanages in Canada were turned into mental hospitals and more than 3,000 children living in 12 Quebec orphanages that the Roman Catholic Church transformed - virtually overnight - into mental hospitals in the 1940s and ‘50s to reap more generous government subsidies. So, in order to qualify, their medical records were altered to declare them mentally unstable or retarded.... Many were treated like metal patients, with unnecessary drugs and straitjackets.

I find it appalling that nothing has been done up to date for all the innocent children boys/girls who went though these Nazareth House orphanages. So please get your heads together as someone here must be in the know of who and where to go to get this off the ground as these women and men need their abuse to be address for their healing to start.

The first thing for them to hear is from the church and the Nazareth House nuns and priest to acknowledge the abuse which was done to them and to apologize for the wrong doings and the truth to be told, which are first and foremost to these survivors, who continue to live and exist after dangerous experience which these innocent children of the Nazareth house orphanages went though.

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