Bishop Pat's Appeal Auckland New Zealand

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Bishop  Pat's  Appeal  Auckland New Zealand

I read with disgust an appeal from the Catholic Church for an appeal to help Bishop Pat's funding to help pregnant girls. Considering how I was treated, this was very upsetting to me. You will notice that the money is not coming from the Church itself, but from Parishioner's own pockets. In a way they are paying twice. Once by their taxes and secondly by their contributions to the Bishop.
One; when the girls go on the D.P.B.

Here we have a Bishop saying he will help pregnant young girls and woman, not by church money, as he has stated. But from the parishioner's own pockets.
When I was an orphan under their care, I was maltreated and abused for all my early life. Told I was no good, full of evil, because my mother had the misfortune to become pregnant out of wedlock and beaten as a consequence for even the smallest of misdeeds or mistakes, because of it. Stating it was because of what my mother had done.
My mother was raped: = Now I need you to apologize to me, for what you did and said to me about my mother.
Where was the Bishop Then?
Where was the Church?
They were so full of self-righteousness. They couldn't see the hell they made of our lives. They preach abstinence before marriage and then turn around and pay young girls to keep their babies.
Why has the church stooped so low?
To me this has gone against all that I know about marriage and staying a virgin. I feel they should be putting more effort and funds into teaching youngsters about staying a virgin. At the moment they bury their heads in the sand and refuse to even acknowledge the subject. This is a doctrinal thing. They say that the use of protections is immoral!
If the young girls and boys are told of the consequences, of their actions and the precautions that they can take. At least they then will be able to proceed with their eyes open. It will make, some of them at least, wary of blind, excuse the expression, fumbling and the all too often results of young lives ruined before they have a real chance at life. This usually means the girl is the one left to carry the baby while the male goes on, quite often ignoring his responsibilities.
Why not tell the boys to stay virgins; also?
I can not believe that the Roman Catholic Church is paying young girls to have babies, after what they did to me. I was a Baby of the same circumstance, they are talking about now. Have they looked at the long term affect, it will have on the baby? What about when the child is much older, will they pay for all of the child's schooling? Note; = That it says family life.
I have seen, on the Internet, that Virginity is the in thing, in Australia. The Church and schools could focus on this. Damn sight cheaper in the long run.
It will take all the "organizations" to set this matter right. The Church is the greatest power in some people's lives and by being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff they are aiding and abetting the problem.
It appears they are two-faced about it. They thunder from the pulpit 'No! Be a virgin'. Then pay the girls to hang on to their babies.
Surely a little thinking applied, in the right area, by so powerful a church would result in making the young peoples lives happier and healthier. Of course you won't be able to stop all unwanted pregnancies, but, at least should be able to cut down the numbers and the resulting unhappiness it causes.
copyrights 2001 Ann Thompson
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