Abuse at the Hands of the Catholic Church

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Ann Thompson’s crime, in the eyes of her abusers, was she was born ‘a bastard’.

Her earliest childhood recollections were being told, her mother was evil, and she would end-up in hell, unless the devils inside her, could be beaten-out.

Thompson, arrived at Christchurch’s, Nazareth House in 1951, aged 10, and the abuse at the hands of the nuns started, just weeks after her arrival.

When she was aged 15, she suffered sexual abuse from a priest.

The horror of her childhood, is outlined, in a just published book ‘Say Sorry’.

The title is her plea to The Catholic Church to finally say “sorry” after all the years, of suffering.

She is hoping the sordid details outlined in the book, will spark some humanity from within The Catholic Church in New Zealand, towards not just her own plight, but hundreds of others New Zealanders, with similar tales.

Given what we have seen as a systemic worldwide policy to avoid responsibility – I’m not personally holding-out much chance Ann will receive the over-due “sorry” she should be accorded.

Avoiding culpability is of course something The Catholic Church are experts at.
These nuns & priests showed universal distain, for human dignity.

Human cockroaches.

From Ireland to New Zealand, The Catholic Church oversaw beatings, rapes, starvation & psychological abuse of vulnerable children.

Ann’s story is but one.
Footnote: Please watch the You-Tube Song, dedicated to her cause.
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