A Letter of Hope

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A Letter of Hope

You are helping others with your statments. We have received many response from E-mails you have sent to me, we forward your emails to all our Chaplains in the world and even in Rio Brasil they know what you have gone through, it comes at a great moment in uman histry, when the bible and the word of God is being challenged all over the world.
We see hatred and sexual Abuse of children in every part of the world reports are coming in everyday. Many children are living in fear in countries where the Law will not help or protect them.
My dear Ann, you are doing God's work by exposing those who Abuse you and others.
You have taken your sufferings and your Cross not only for you but also for others who are going through the same or even worst abuse who will not or can not speak of their on going or past Abuse. And I considered you my Sister in Christ and a menber of our Chaplain Community.
Respectfully yours in Christ the living God within us.

Please keep talking about the abuse of these evil nuns and priest.We must keep telling the world of what happened to us, so we can help children who are still being abused and sexual abused so they can get help. We must not stop no mater what befalls us.

We must think of these children who have no voice, WE MUST BE THEIR VOICE AND LET US BE HEARD FOR THEIR SAKE. These children have no one and we know what we went through, so we must help them by speaking out for them.

copyright 2001 Ann Thompson
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