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From a Friend

Hi Ann,

Those nuns CHOSE TO DO EVIL because they liked something about doing it. Nothing they did to you was your fault.

I have not read all your site. It hurts so much to read, that I just cannot imagine how much it hurts to have lived it and to relive it. I will read every single word there, for Little Ann.

I promise I will read it all.

More than that, I WANT to read it all, so that you won't be so all alone with the knowledge of what they did to you. I will be one more person who knows what they did to you and stole from you. That's why I want to read it all, so you will be one tiny bit less alone. I know it does not make up for when you were a little girl.
Nothing can.

There is something that you are absolutely incorrect about, Ann. There is something that you are entirely inaccurate about, in your thinking, Ann. God did not take your baby boy away from you to punish you and God did not take your baby boy away from you because you are bad. You are mistaken about that part. God did not take your baby boy away to punish you.

You only think that because the nuns told you bad lies about yourself, and it made an incorrect path in your thinking.

You did not do anything that would make God punish you by taking your baby boy. That's leftover stuff from the evil-nun-lies.

Maybe you could one day learn how to get that part correct and accurate. If you can't do that as a beautiful gift for yourself, maybe you could do it as a beautiful memorial for your baby boy.

Thank you for letting me see your website, Ann. Like I said, I will read every single word. I am just so very sorry for all that unfairness and sadness. I do not mean I pity you. Pity is ugly.

I admire that you survived. I admire that I can see and hear love in your website.

I admire how strong and determined and courageous you are. You will find your way to the peace you long for, Ann.

You are already helping many---one of the young women to whom I fwd your petition wrote to me and told me how much better it had made her feel to be able to sign it. She was grateful.   Sr.  Angela

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