The Nuns Still Don't Care

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The Nuns Still do not Care

They told me that they wanted to make my life better and I tell you it is not with what they offered me it has put me under them more and I can not tell you in which why but I will tell you this, my home will never be the same.

These nuns do not care about what they did to us as children and still they have us right where they want us so we can not fight back. I am worst than I was before I went to see them and this is why I will not give in to their cruel evil ways.

These nuns have no heart for if they did they would go back to see and hear the men and women who they abused in their orphanages world wide.

Jill, there is also nuns still alive in Scotland, England and Ireland as well as Australia and New Zealand all I can say is to watch 60minutes on the 8th March on TV3 New Zealand at 7/30pm.

I do not feel alone now that Maria, Judith, Micky and you also Jill are with me. Thank you Jill as you always come back to me and the loneliness as a child was bad. Ann

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