New Zealand Not Followed Path to Healing

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Dear ..., To the catholic church sexual abuse committee.

I am writing to you about our meeting on the 18-3-2004 at 2/30pm which I spoke about Fr. Carhil on the way he talked to us while we told him about the sexual abuse to us as children and others things as well.

I took some papers up with me which were about called ( A Path to Healing) which was set up in March 2001 the same on these papers I have sent to you here. I also talked about how I email to the Pope who answered to me to The Apostolic Pro-Nuncio: The Papal representative in New Zealand, who then told a priest in Whangarei to see me, which he did at my lawyers rooms, twice.

I gave you the names of all who were at the mediation with me in October 27 to 7 November 2003 and I was told that Fr. Carhil was no longer on the committee for the sexual abuse people for the way he spoke to myself, Eileen and Frances and his secretary did not stop him.

I also told you how the Path to Healing was not followed through for us women at the St. Joseph
s Girls Orphanage in 2001 as Bishop John  Cunneen stood up and told me that he would see to me and then told the other women that they had to go to ACC. And this is not in the Canon Law.

It states that we the sexual abused children (babies/girls/women) of the catholic church are under the Bishops protection and that as soon as a Bishop get any inkling of sexual abuse he has to report it to the pope which he did not and this is way I took it upon myself to do so.

There was no Path to Healing then again with the Nazareth House nuns in 2003.

At both St. Joseph
s and Nazareth House none of women but me, signed papers about the sexual abuse to us by the workers at St. Josephs Girls orphanage run by the Good Shepherd nuns and these workers for the nuns are under the Canon Law and then again at Nazareth House by priest, nuns and the workers which relates in the Canon law.

Now none of the Protocol to The Path to Healing was followed through so that is way I am making this written complaint to the catholic church committee.

Yours Sincerely.  Ann Thompson.


 Copyright@ 2001 Ann Thompson

All Rights Reserved 

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