Nazareth House a "Cesspool of Pedophilia" by Nuns

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 Nazareth House a "Cesspool of Pedophilia" by Nuns

We hear this time and time again = The nuns held "mock trials," = and we the innocent children were beaten until we could not walk.

"father figure" and "mother figure" How true, as we put all our trust for these nuns/priest and they used us as rag doll and destroyed our lives and still do today.

"solitary confinement." I know too well about this and how frighten I was in the dark cold rooms and look at the counties and the many, many years the abuse and sexual abuse by the nuns and priest went on for.

Nazareth House a "cesspool of pedophilia" Truer are have never been said as these before about the cold hell holes we innocent unwanted children we brought up in for all these years

When will Nazareth House nuns/priest came clean and tell the world the truth about the abuse which they did to us children.

Now What I want to know is why was not the canon law followed through with us children in the catholic church. We were sexual abused as little babies children and young women by nuns/priest and workers for the church and still we hear not a thing about the canon law.

We are treated like shit, walked all over and dumped to one person to another is as we will give up with this re-abusing of us and the torment they are still putting us through.

But I tell you here and now we are getting stronger and we tell the truth about what went down in these hell holes catholic orphanages world wide.

copyright2002 Ann Thompson

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