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A Moment in time when all seems lost, a friend comes along, who cares
and makes you feel that you belong.

Ann working at St.Josephs Boys Orphanage Christchurch New Zealand 1959 to March 1966. This orphanage was the same orphanage I had lived in from 2 and half months old to 10 years old

The abuse and sexual abused continued throughout the 25years living with the nuns, I was abused and sexual abused by the nuns, the workers, the older girls and a priest

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About Me.

I grew up in the big city of Christchurch New Zealand. I was never to know about Love or a family life.

I lived 25years of abuse. in two catholic church orphanages. I has only one friend, a nun, Mother Francis of Rome, who looked out for me, when ever she could.

She did not live at our part of the orphanage, she lived in the Convent part, which was not far from us children, but not close enough, so she could be able, to hear my cries for help.


I will take you through my photos of some of my childhood.

Check out my photo gallery to get a glimpse into where I have been. I have never left New Zealand, But I would love to share with you, My beautiful country and the city I have called my home for the past 48years. Whangarei New Zealand.

Welcome to my web and please take a seat,  relax a while, with a cup-pa, as you scan through my pages with me. You will read here about the reviews of my book "Say Sorry", good and bad, which I also got on cathnews for 6years. These men and women who used me as their pawn, are teachers, counsellors and as they say very good catholic church men and women, who have no time for the survivors of the catholic church sexual abused men and women and it showed in their post to me, also to the many people who supported us on cathnews. I feel that these men and women are so wrapped up in their religion, that they do not want to hear or know of the abuse and sexual abuse which we innocent children (boys and girls), were put through all of our childhood and to me these men and women might be catholic, but they showed no Christianity to wards any of us survivors.

Since there is so much out there now, about the catholic church abuse and sexual abuse,  this website I am making, is for the AWARENESS of child abuse which happened in the catholic homes, orphanages, institutions and the family homes, where babies, children, teens and youth, were  abused and sexual abused, against their well and could not do anything to stop them.

Their hatred for us and our mothers, showed in the way they used, our mother's name whenever they thrashed us. The beatings went on, throughout the day, but the nights, turned out to me our biggest nightmare. You could not hide anywhere in the catholic church orphanages, even though we found lots of places, you see most of the girls, who were in the orphanages, before us,  had already  tried the same places, as we tried to hide in, so no place was safe from the priest, the nuns,  the older girls and their workers. The sexual abuse which they did to us, started from the time we were being toilet trained, and after they finished violating our wee bodies, they would lock us, in the broom cupboard.

Yes the stories will go back years, as the abuse and sexual abuse did, to us children, by  the priest, nuns the older boys and girls and their workers. When we ran away to the police, they took us back there, knowing that the abuse would be the same. Every one turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to our screams for help. We would only be thrash even harder and for longer,  their whippings got harder and there was no letting off. Us girls had to hold the nun's long sleeves back, so as when the nun's arm came down and just as she was about to connect to the girls body, we would pull her sleeves back, so, as the whip got her leg. God help that girl, when they did that, as she would be the next girl to be thrash by her.


I am looking for my next big adventure. There are still many places I have never seen and I so much want to go over seas, as I have never left New Zealand.  The camera is charged up and my backpack is packed and away I fly hahahaha.

Be very careful if you make a woman cry,
because God counts her tears.
 The woman came out of a man's rib.
 Not from his feet to be walked on.
 Not from his head to be superior.
But from the side to be equal
Under the arm to be protected
and next to the Heart, to be Loved."

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